What’s Growing?

Back 40 Veg is proud to be growing the following heirloom produce, which will be available this season at our roadside stand and local farmer’s markets:


More than 70 heirloom varieties, grown by Vicki’s Veggies from seeds we helped collect at their farm.

Some of our favourites are:
Big Rainbow, Berkeley Tie Dye, Rose Beauty, Negro Azteca, Southern Nights, Snow White, Tigerella, Red Zebra, Amazon Chocolate, Japanese Black Trifele, Vintage Wine, Black Krim, Black from Tula, Mortgage Lifter, and Feuerwerk.
From sweet cherries to big beefsteak and juicy salad tomatoes, who could pick only one of these beauties?


Arugula, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Chives, Sage, Thyme (English and French), Oregano, and Basil (Sweet, Genovese, Thai, Lemon, Purpleand Cinnamon)


Mixed mesculin varieties including:
Pointy red oak leaf with speckles: Cheetah
Pointy green oak leaf: Canary Tongue
Long red leaf with speckles: Florellen Schullus
Red&purple ruffled leaf: Ibis
Beautiful red leaf: Red Leprechaun
Dark purple speckled leaf: Merlot
Green romaine leaf: Blushed Butteroak
Red romaine leaf: Bath Romaine Lettuce


Albino: Beta Vulgarts
Gold: Touchstone
Purple: Bull’s Blood
Red: Chiogia


Purple: Purple Dragon
White: White Satin
Orange: Berlicummer
Purple: Deep Purple
Yellow: Yellow stone


Red: Cherry Bell
Red & White: French Breakfast


Red: Milan


Yellow long: French Filet Yellow Bean
Green long: French Filet Green Bean

Asian Greens

Long green leaf: Mitsuna
Long green leaf: Yukina Savoy
Long green leaf: Pai Tsai Fun Jen


Small green leaf: Bloomsdale Spinach
Medium green leaf: Giant Winter Spinach


Mixed varieties including acorn, butternut, and pumpkin

Summer Squash

Mixed varieties including green, yellow and striped zucchini

Sweet Peppers

Mixed varieties in green, yellow, red and orange

Hot Peppers

Mixed varieties including cherry bomb, orange thai, belgian carrot, jalapeño, habanero, Hungarian hot, Portuguese yellow, Serrano and green chili.


Mixed varieties including thai green, pink, and white.


Red, Golden and Heritage Blue

We also grow a wide variety of summer flowers for your table. You can pick them up in bunches or by the stem at our roadside stand and local farmer’s markets.